Injectables: there are alternatives! Posted on 03 Mar 11:51



If the thought of a cosmetic injection freaks you out more than a Paranormal Activity movie, relax… there are alternative ways to treat your skin.

I’m going to run you through three of the most popular alternatives that I’m more than happy to recommend and personally use.

ReFirme Skin Tightening

This non-invasive, FDA approved skin tightening procedure uses elos technology as it works towards providing you with a more youthful look. Thanks to this treatment, most benefit from a more toned appearance that gives them that added confidence boost they’re after.

Sagginess under the eyes and eyebrow lines, neck laxity… this virtually painless treatment works fast to combat these common ageing signs and is great for sagging and wrinkled skin. Most importantly, ReFirme is safe while being very effective. As a result, it’s gained international media exposure.

 You can read more about how it works here.

 Collagen Induction Therapy

 The idea behind Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is to build-up the connective tissue in the lower skin layers while at the same time, keeping the protective layers of the skin intact. It involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needle. To be honest with you, all of the written descriptions I’ve discovered for this treatment provides people with a rather scary picture.

 If you are interested in CIT, you’re better off coming into the clinic to have a chat as opposed to reading far and wide and allowing that imaginative mind of yours to wander. But if you do want to read more click here


 LED stands for light emitting diode and interestingly, this breakthrough treatment was first discovered by NASA. A real benefit is that there are few side effects and risks that surface with LED light therapy. Additionally, it’s non-invasive and there’s no need for recovery time post-treatment.

 The process itself involves specialised therapeutic LEDs and specific wavelength bands that are used to rejuvenate the skin.

 While tightening and firming the skin, this treatment also helps to combat:

  • Wrinkles and any other ageing lines
  • Blemishes and redness
  • Ageing
  • Age spots and hyperpigmentation experienced on the face, hands and neck
  • Acne scars
  • Rosacea


See! We told you injectables weren’t the only answer! For more info about any of these treatments, give us a call on: 03 9832 0687

The ABC of skincare: why vitamins A, B and C are important Posted on 21 Jan 17:19


In our search for flawless skin, sometimes, we forget about getting enough of those essential vitamins into us that make all the difference.

Taking care of your skin should be on your daily to-do list. Sure, we all have our bad days where we really can’t be bothered but like everything else, our skin is reflective of our treatment of it.

When people first come to see me, they’re surprised to learn that a little bit of skincare maintenance can go a long way. It amazes me because we wouldn’t just expect our cars or other possessions to thrive without a regular check-up or a little bit of TLC. So why would we expect our largest organs to glow and shine by doing nothing?

Below, you’ll find more information about why vitamins A, B and C are so important and why they’re the basic foundation to any skincare routine.

Here’s a handy rundown I’ve put together for you below.

Vitamin A

In a nutshell, this essential vitamin helps to form and maintain healthy skin, teeth, skeletal and soft tissue and so on. It’s also renowned as being a bit of a warrior in the fight against ageing and acne, leaving your skin looking fresh and feeling great. Another big tick against Vitamin A’s name is that it promotes good vision and eye health.

While Vitamin A is found in foods such as cod liver oil, eggs and other fortified foods such as breakfast cereals and skim milk, ensuring you’re using skin products including Vitamin A is essential to maintaining your skin.

For a Vitamin A boost, I’d highly recommend asap Super A+ Serum.

Vitamin B

While this vitamin may not be essential for general health, it is incredibly important when it comes to healthy skin. Known as the B-group vitamins, this group is vital to both the skin and various metabolic processes within the body. Unfortunately, it cannot be stored and needs to be regularly consumed as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

If you do have a Vitamin B deficiency, your skin is likely to be showing signs – you might just have no idea as to their cause. Dermatitis, redness, scaly skin and even pigmentation are all symptoms so if you happen to be experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to get informed and take notice. 

Again, while eating foods such as fish, cheese, beef, lamb and eggs certainly help, Vitamin B needs to present in your daily skincare routine. Synergie Skin Vitamin B is a great option, as is the Synergie Skin B-Juvenate.

Vitamin C 

One of the best-known vitamins doing the rounds, not many have never heard of Vitamin C. Two elements make Vitamin C essential for skincare:

  1. Its antioxidant properties
  2. The important role it plays in collagen synthesis

The latter makes Vitamin C vital in fending off ageing because it aids in healing damaged skin while housing the potential to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Synergie Skin Pure Vitamin C Crystals is a great product that many of my customers have raved about in follow-up appointments over the years.

Now, while I’ve highlighted individual products above, I’d really recommend that you consider the Daily Delivery and Anti-Ageing Kits available. Basically, they contain the perfect blend of vitamins that ensure your skin is looking its best.

The great news is that most of our skincare products include Vitamin A, B and C and I’m the first to admit there’s no one size fits all skincare routine. So if you’re interested in learning more or would like some guidance as to which products are best for you, please pay us a visit by calling: 03 9832 0687

Remember, if you are planning to change-up your diet, be sure to see your GP to discuss whether doing so is appropriate for you.


How to rock a SAFE tan this summer Posted on 10 Nov 16:42


Picture this…

You’re on the beach with your friends… the sun’s out, the wind is gently blowing back your hair, your feet are just touching the crystal clear water…

Chances are, in your heavenly vision, you’re also sporting a nice, bronze tan.

That’s all well and good but in recent years, we’ve become more and more aware of skin cancer and its causes. According to Cancer Council Australia, Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

Fact: everyone is at risk of developing skin cancer although your chances increase as you grow older.

Fact: the majority of skin cancer cases Down Under are caused by exposure to UV radiation in sunlight.

And to get even more specific, tanning is listed on Cancer Council Australia’s site as one of the contributing factors to skin cancer alongside sunburn and solariums.

 Forget about sunburn and solariums, I’ve got a range of self-tanning products that’ll get your bronzed and ready for summer without potentially damaging your health. Oh, and you won’t have to worry about looking orange either (anyone who’s experienced a bad tan knows what I’m talking about).

 I’ve selected what I’m calling my top picks for a self-tanning summer right here.

Eco tan organic invisible skin

Incredibly easy to use, apply this organic moisturiser to clean, dry skin and before you know it, a beautiful rich honey tan will stare back at you when you take a glance at yourself in the mirror. Best of all, you get a great tan without exposing your skin to any nasty synthetics or toxic ingredients.

This moisturiser is suitable for the face and body and you can sleep after applying it without waking up to a mess the next morning. Best of all, if you apply it before heading off to work in the morning, you’ll be ready for a fun night out by 5pm (it works that quickly!).

Eco tan organic winter skin

 After just a couple of applications, you’ll be greeting your friends with a beautiful honey tan thanks to this daily nourisher. Winter skin dries instantly and is perfect if you’re fair skinned, a vegan and a fan of Choose Cruelty Free accredited products. Its ingredients are all organic which means you’re hydrating your skin without having to worry about any synthetic ingredients or other nasties. Simply apply it daily to dry skin and you’re well on your way to a glowing honey tan.

Eco tan range

While I’ve singled out a couple of items I really wanted to highlight above, the entire eco tan range is dedicated to safe fun in the sun. Ahead of what could be a scorching summer, it’s best to protect your skin against the sun’s harmful rays. Feel free to ask me for more information about a particular product in the range.

 As you would’ve heard me mention if you’ve booked an appointment, I test every product sold here at Skinfirm. I’ve tried these products myself and they’re clear standouts when it comes to self-tanning.

 If you’ve got any questions or would like to book an appointment, give us a call: 03 9832 0687


3 ways to wave goodbye to cellulite this summer Posted on 06 Oct 14:28

Let’s face it: summer and cellulite are like oil and water. When the weather is at its best, you want to enjoy the great outdoors as opposed to letting something treatable prevent you from enjoying the sunshine.

In my time, I’ve seen a lot of women visiting me with what they feel is an embarrassing confession. And then these words eventually stumble out of their mouth.

“I’m very self-conscious because I have cellulite.” 

Found commonly on thighs, upper arms and backsides (or bottoms), when it comes to cellulite, I’ve seen it all before. I’ve seen women of all ages and sizes affected by what experts term a connective tissue disorder that results in dimpled skin for many women.

Staggeringly, according to the Herald Sun’s Body & Soul, up to 90 per cent of women over the age of 30 are affected by cellulite.

While having cellulite is normal and harmless, I see first-hand how it’s really negatively impacting the women who come to see me. Some even admit they’ve had to pluck up the courage for months to book an appointment.

If you’ve done your research, you’ll find hormonal changes are a contributing factor. To be honest, the women I see aren’t all that concerned with what’s causing it: they just want a solution that will get them on their way to feeling good about wearing a bikini this summer.

We know the hotter months aren’t too far away now (hooray!) so I’ve put together a list of products and a treatment option if you’re looking to improve your self-confidence and reduce the amount of cellulite on those visible parts of your body.

 As with every Skinfirm product and treatment, I’ve personally tried each so feel free to ask me any specific questions you may have.

CelluTite Gel

 This firming and contouring gel is designed to smooth out dimpled skin and visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite in the process. Blending actiporine and caffeine (more brownie points for caffeine), this combination of ingredients work together to firm the skin and burn off deposits of fatty tissue that could contribute to the onset of cellulite.

BodyShaper Contour Creme

This cream is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of dimples by an average of 38* per cent after 4 weeks of use and 57* per cent in 8 weeks’ time (check online for more details). The unique blend of ingredients at play here see you feeling more confident about your body as it fights cellulite, making it less visible.


While I’ve provided you with a couple of products already, I thought I’d throw in a treatment solution too. If you’re not keen on creams VelaShape is a great alternative.

The technology at play combines four separate and natural modalities that are all safe and effective. To explain the process in a simple manner, the VelaShape device gradually improves the appearance of dimpled skin and other problem areas.

With treatment starting from $250 per session, you can read more about VelaShape here and the number of treatments you may need.

If you’re concerned about cellulite and are considering your options, please get in touch with Skinfirm so that our team of experts can guide you towards a suitable solution for you.

Call us today to book an appointment: 03 9832 0687

Spring into season with these must have skincare products Posted on 22 Aug 10:50

Considering the long, dreary, cold winter we’re experiencing, most of us are looking forward to spring. Traditionally, spring is all about new beginnings and I hear stories from customers about how they’re spring-cleaning their house and making way for new things.

 Spring is also a great month to take a stroll outside, to enjoy a picnic with friends or family and to enjoy the great outdoors. Because the sun doesn’t tend to seem too hot and damaging (after all, we’re not talking about summer here), a lot of people overlook the harmful rays that are hitting and harming their skin.

 What I tend to find is that so many women forget their skin-care routine needs to change with the seasons. One of the questions I often ask my clients is if they’re using the same make-up and skin care products each month. Most tell me they are.

 If you’re using the same products each month, it’s important you realise that a change in season makes for a great time to change your skincare routine.

 First-up, take stock of the products you’re using: anything that has expired or no longer looks quite right should be thrown out (trust me, I understand how we grow an attachment to our favourite products but using expired make-up just isn’t healthy for your skin).

 Now, in preparation for spring, I thought I’d arm you with some information about some of my favourite products available. As all of my clients know, I’ve used and tested everything I sell so I am speaking from experience here.

 Before I highlight these products, keep in mind that at the beginning of spring, UV radiation increases far more rapidly than during any other time of the year. Meanwhile, your skin and its melanin levels hit their lowest levels making your skin defenceless against UV radiation.

 Waiting until summer to make any changes is dangerous as chances are, your skin would’ve already been damaged by then.

 Do yourself and your skin a favour by considering these tried and tested products:

Colorescience - Sunforgettable mineral powder SPF 50 (setting powder/ dry sunscreen)

Most of my clients love this because it’s easy to apply and includes a portable brush. Most importantly, it’ll provide you with broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection while being safe and non-irritating. I found this brilliant in terms of smoothing over imperfections and an added bonus is that reapplication over make-up for touch-ups is also very easy.

Colorescience  - Loose Mineral Powder SPF20 (foundation) 

 This tends to be a popular product with my customers as it’s suitable for all skin types and provides sheer to medium coverage. Best of all, while protecting you from sun damage, it’ll give you a healthy, glowing complexion and is both lightweight and water resistant.

Synergie Skin - Uberzinc moisturiser

While we often pay the most attention to our faces, sometimes, we forget about our hands in terms of UV protection. This moisturiser is a great product for daily use – it’ll reduce inflammation and replenish your Vitamin D levels too. I tell my clients to reapply the moisturiser every couple of hours because sometimes, they don’t realise they may have placed their hands in water and so on.

Synergie Skin  - Second Skin crush SPF15 (foundation)

This all in one foundation and sunscreen is great for women leading hectic lives (and who isn’t these days?). While it arms you with SPF 15 sun protection, I’m a fan of this because it’s formulated with a blend of rich, Australian earth minerals. It’s also really easy to apply.

So what’s the moral of this story? Never underestimate the power of the sun… even during the cooler months. Feel free to ask me about any of these products during your next consult or send through an email and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.

Roll your way to great skin Posted on 11 Mar 13:53

Using a roller when applying your serums will actively increase your serums achieving more than 2 times better results.

Rollers are a small instrument with tiny needles that pierce your skin, don’t worry they aren’t that frightening they’re only 025mm (tiny).

When using a roller you are allowing your serum to penetrate the surface of your skin making your serum more active, as it’s getting down to where it needs to work, faster!

So when using your roller make sure you apply your serums before you roll, when rolling make sure you do not apply pressure, just lightly roll.

Happy Rolling!

SkinDNA Posted on 20 Feb 11:47

SkinDNA ™ is a revolutionary DNA laboratory test that examines 16 genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories associated with skin aging.

Firmness + Elasticity Wrinkling (A.G.E.) Sun Damage + Pigmentation Free Radical Damage Sensitivity + Inflammation

Come in and find our what products you NEED to be using!